A ringing endorsement for Joe

Just remember, these guys are part of the AFL-CIO, the labor union that endorsed Joe Lieberman today through August 8th. Lots of love here:

Update: From Joe2006.com:

“I am incredibly humbled to receive this important endorsement from the AFL-CIO.” said Lieberman. “Throughout my whole career, I have fought hard for organized labor and for the working men and women of Connecticut, and I am so grateful they have pledged to fight for me over these next six weeks. With their help, I’ll get back to the Senate, where I will continue to stand up to the Bush administration and the big corporate interests who make life so difficult for middle class families.”

Upon first read, I could swear it said “I am so grateful they have pledged to fight me…”

Back to the ol’ drawing board for Joe, since they didn’t endorse his indy bid.

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