Joe’s Debate Deception

A highlighted screen shot from Joe Lieberman‘s website as of June 20, 2006:

An excerpt from John Nichols’ column in The Nation titled Ned Lamont v. Joe Lieberman, published on 03/14/2006:

“Let’s have the debate,” Lamont announced in a speech that spelled out the differences between the three-term incumbent and a progressive challenger who promises he won’t be “complicit” with this White House.

That sorta clears up where Ned Lamont stands on having a debate with Joe Lieberman. Oh yeah, Ned Lamont has accepted every invitation to debate Joe Lieberman since he announced his candidacy back on March 13, 2006.

Joe wants to debate on the issues you say. That’s the distinction he’s making in the statement on his website you say. From John Nichols’ same piece in The Nation, an excerpt of Ned’s announcement speech:

Let’s have the debate.

The $250 million a day we are spending in Iraq is better spent on pre-school and healthcare, public transit and veterans benefits.

Let’s have the debate.

I would have lead the opposition to the nomination of Judge Alito? Next year the Supreme Court will hear the South Dakota law which outlaws a woman’s right to choose, even in the case of rape and incest.

Let’s have the debate.

I believe that President George Bush’s illegal wiretaps, his reckless fiscal and environmental policies are weakening America and leaving too many hardworking citizens behind.

Are those not issues? Supreme Court Justices? Illegal Wiretaps? Environmental Policies? Preschool? Healthcare? Public Transit? All sandwiched in between calls to have the debate. Almost four months later, Joe Lieberman is ready to have the debate and tries to deceive visitors to his website into believing that it’s Ned Lamont who is not ready.

As John Stossel (who I don’t really like) might say, “Give me a break!”

2 Responses to “Joe’s Debate Deception”

  1. thirdparty

    With all this new traffic maybe the trolls will move over here and you can play with them on your own damn site for once. 😉

  2. Aaron

    Gotta love Ned’s gusto… I’m in NY on Long Island. If the NY stations don’t carry any CT debates between these two, I’ll be on my roof with an antenna trying to pick up the signals from across the LI Sound!