Misc. Etc.

First and foremost, I hate it when people abbreviate etcetera as ect. Just a personal pet peeve for your consideration.

I wanted to draw attention to the sidebar, since I’ve added some links today. I’m originally from Iowa, which is why I’ve added a link to Joyce Schulte’s congressional campaign website. She’s running against Steve King, the repulsive Republican representing my home district. I made a huge oversight in excluding CTBlogger’s Hat City Blog until now. Also, I submitted this site to LeftyBlogs, and I hope that they’ll add me to their aggregator…the only requirement of theirs that I do not meet is that I’ve been at my new home for less than two months. My pals at CTBlog, CTBob, and My Left Nutmeg will vouch for me, right? I have also added a section for “New Britain” links, being that I live in New Britain. In fact, an excellent local news site, New Britain Community News, has picked up my report from the New Britain DTC meeting on June 22. I’m flattered.

Also in the New Britain section are links to the websites of the city’s four State Reps, and one State Senator (Democrats, all!). While adding links to this section I also clicked through to Nancy Johnson’s website (not her campaign site) and saw this alarming picture:

I think Joe and Nancy are surveying the damage together because they’re both elected officials, but they were also spotted walking together at the Waterbury Memorial Day parade, and if memory serves, Joe could have walked with Chris Murphy instead. Joe knows where his bread is buttered…

Last but not least, I made a handy animated .gif today (after being inspired by T.Party at LamontBlog) that sums up Joe Lieberman:

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