New at the Ned Lamont Resource Friday

Every day I gather up links to (in my opinion) the BEST news and blog articles featuring Ned Lamont for my other site, the Ned Lamont Resource. Today’s new links are below.

New links in the news:

  • Lamont Tagged by “Bear” Spot
  • The Peace Race
  • Dean v. DSCC Over Lieberman
  • Hartford’s Man In Need of Insurance
  • Lamont Rips Lieberman for Iraq Stance
  • New links on the blogs:

  • Wow
  • Malloy: “I Will Support the Winner of Senate Primary, Period”
  • Ned Lamont Campaign Recruitment
  • Teachers Back Lamont
  • Teachers to Ned Lamont: “A+”
  • Meanwhile…
  • Connecticut: Lieberman/Lamont Fight Heats Up
  • Joe Lieberman, Traitor?
  • Rock the Vote for Lamont in Connecticut
  • Dems to Lieberman: Don’t Run if you Lose Primary
  • CT-Sen: Enter Kafka
  • Lieberman
  • Teachers Union Endorse Lieberman Challenger
  • Will Lieberman Run as an Independent?
  • Lieberman Leaving the Party? Email from Jim Dean
  • DSCC and Lieberman
  • Malloy Will Support Winner of Primary
  • Schumer, Lieberman vs. the Voters
  • Also, check out Senator Lieberman’s sleazy new attack ad. LamontBlog calls Joe out on the new low he’s sunk to.

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    1 Response to “New at the Ned Lamont Resource Friday”

    1. Steve O

      I’ve got a stapler on my desk that works better and harder than Lieberman does. Why doesn’t the sleaze bag just switch sides already! I hope Al Gore has told him that he is a disgrace!!!