Lieberman at AFL-CIO Event, Dissed by Dick

Another day in the hot, hot, sun.

Maybe I got heatstroke, but I swear that I saw Attorney General Dick Blumenthal come out today to support “Joe NAFTA/CAFTA Lieberman” at the AFL-CIO Barbecue (The link appears to be dead, but I found it thanks to MikeCT at MLN).

Photo by UPFFAThankfully, I had my camera going (along with a couple of others, including WFSB and CTBlogger–though I’m not sure if WFSB is worthy of being put in the same league as ConnecticutBLOG), or else the AG’s brief appearance and speedy retreat (before Joe’s arrival) might have evaporated with 32% of my body’s moisture.

Dick Blumenthal had nothing to say to my camera, and about five minutes after he was spirited away, who rolls in but “Joe NAFTA/CAFTA Lieberman“–at least 45 minutes late. Dick Blumenthal so ardently supports Joe that he made sure to leave before his arrival, so as not to take the spotlight off “Joe NAFTA/CAFTA Lieberman” during the union BBQ. The pitifully small crowd was comprised of at least one-third to one-half Lieberman staff/volunteers with signs that were used mostly to block the cameras of bloggers from seeing “Joe NAFTA/CAFTA Lieberman” shake hands with firefighters.

The real star of the show was the Connecticut Blogger Float (a/k/a Kiss Float) which should have a new sign affixed to it reading “As seen on the 700 Club“. It was parked directly across the street, where attendees and passersby could get a good look at it, but not before passing a bunch of paid volunteers with Lieberman signs on the street corner. A combination of the papier-mache craftsmanship and the unbearable heat got to these “Joe NAFTA/CAFTA Lieberman” campaign volunteers (some of whom have a questionable grasp on reality–I mean, they really believe Joe’s a good Democrat) so they fashioned a great big sign on butcher paper to hold up in front of the float.

Like the true hero that he is, CTKeith hopped into the cab of the truck and drove it up and down the street for the next hour, for everyone to see. Twice, the float was parked on the street in front of the event, and twice the police came out–same officer both times and he was not happy the second time. Jane thinks there might have been bigger trouble if I didn’t run over with my camera, but I’m just a sucker for flashing lights.

Anyway, check ConnecticutBLOG and Firedoglake for other takes on this event, though neither has a write-up online just yet.

The photo above is from UPFFA. I didn’t have a still camera, wasn’t allowed onto the lawn at the event, and every angle I tried to shoot video from was blocked. Thanks for getting these online so quickly guys!

12 Responses to “Lieberman at AFL-CIO Event, Dissed by Dick”

  1. Connecticut Bob

    F’ing awesome!

  2. ctkeith

    A crowd of 200? LMAO

    there were no more than 100 if that and I counted only 40 to 50 people even old enough to hold a unon card in the crowd.

    We asked about 10 of the 30-40 Lieberyouth what union they were in but they are not allowed to talk to Bloggers since ctblogger got that picture of the dejected little Lieberyouth at the convention.

    I’ve been a member of both Local 210(carpenters) and AFSCME(public works machine operator) in my days before my retirement and I have to say todays show is a prime example of why the Labor movement is going down the tubes at an amazing pace.Their were no trade union men there no teachers,painters,pipe fitters,steel workers or even any public works guys like I was for 14 yrs there.The only union guys there were firefighter and half of then admitted to being Republicans.

    All the fat cat union bosses who make 6 figure salaries lined up to kiss Liebemans ass just like they were ordered to do from their bosses in DC but just like expected the Iraq War,Universal Healthcare,raising the minumum wage and Nafta and Cafta were never mentioned.

  3. TrueBlueCT

    Senate Dems who voted against CAFTA–

    And CT Labor stands beside Joe?? WTF?

  4. hartford for lamont

    a fine fine account of this event!

    I am so happy that the kiss float showed up there, and yes, please also continue to show up with video cameras along with the float, if only to discourage the police; they seem to be shy of cameras.

    PS: I linked to here via firedoglake.

  5. Jim

    Click on the picture to get the real story. It has some nice photos posted as well. Go to to see all the great union endorsements he has. I suppose the Nednuts would say they are all misguided political hacks since the left refuses to face reality. Facts are facts boys, wake up and smell the coffee, and lets hope for a big union turn out on August 8th.

  6. flounder

    From that photo it looks like the chick weren’t digging it.

  7. jane hamsher

    Facts are facts boys, wake up and smell the coffee.

    And I notice you provide none, Jim. Facts, that is.

    When your position is utterly indefensible, ad hominum attacks are a coward’s retreat.

  8. da0802

    So maybe there will be a big union turnout on August 8, Jim. But are you sure they’re going to pull the lever for Lieberman?

    I wouldn’t be so sure. You union dudes can tell your members who to vote for, but you can’t control what they actually do once in the booth.

    Ain’t democracy grand???

  9. Jon Kantrowitz

    “Fat Cats” – you should have sen those guys – Obese cats would be more appropriate.

  10. dad

    thanks spaze. thanks all

  11. bob alderdice

    Why are there no women in this picture? It doesn’t look like a locker room….

  12. Jim

    Flounder – to say the least. Did you see that guy speaking – he’s certainly no Brad Pitt look alike.