Local News Coverage of the Debate

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Lots of great commentary on the debate at Firedoglake, MyLeftNutmeg, ConnecticutBlog, and MyDD.

Take a look at these videos, and if you’re grateful for the 12 videos I’ve uploaded in the last five or six hours, consider helping me reach my new fundraising goal of $500 for Ned Lamont.

Local News Coverage From NBC30:

Local News Coverage from Fox61, WFSB and WTNH:

3 Responses to “Local News Coverage of the Debate”

  1. Al Ushwob

    I think Lamont should also focus on this issue. Joe Lieberman demanded that the HUD Office of Inspector General investigate HUD Sec. Jackson’s public statements that those who criticize Bush will not get HUD contracts (which is illegal).


    Jackson said he did not want that money to be used to “campaign against Bush”. Pay for play at HUD. Jackson doesn’t even bother to attempt to be discreet about it!

    What happened to the investigation – Karl Rove told Joe to drop it? Not even a tiny slap on the wrist, for treating HUD like a GOP campaign money slush fund? Where’s the follow up Joe? Where’s the pressure for Jackson to resign?

    Jackson CANNOT be allowed to get away with this scot free. He either fraudulently awarded HUD contracts, AND/or he threatened every potential contractor – support Bush or I’ll make sure you don’t get HUD contracts. Gross fiscal mismanagement of tax dollars. Waste. Corruption. Absue of office.

    HUD OIG’s web site states that government employees have a LEGAL obligation to report fraud and mismanagement. Does that obligate Joe to make sure there is an investigation?

  2. Le Metis

    Glad to see you’re raising money for Ned. I was just watching the re-broadcast of the debate and am sending off a $25.00 contribution right now.

  3. Le Metis

    (continuing)..after going to the LaMont website and downloading a snail mail contribution form.