Ned Lamont on Net Neutrality

Ned Lamont spoke before a bookstore full of supporters tonight in Wallingford, and I was on the scene with my video camera. Ned was at the top of his game, talking to the crowd about education, energy, healthcare, literature, the debate, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Sailfest, the war and even net neutrality. (Spot the “single issue”)

Anyway, since Net Neutrality is so important to me (being that I’m an internet user, that I use a lot of bandwidth for video, that I’m a blogger, and that I pay good money for my internet), I want to highlight Ned’s position on this issue because tonight was the first time that I specifically remember him speaking about it.

“I think, fundamentally that the internet is going to change everything, and one thing I believe in strongly is net neutrality.
Ned Lamont – July 10, 2006

I’m willing to be wrong about whether he’s articulated his position before (to a blogger with a DV camera), but I present the video without further ado:

Update: ConnecticutBLOG gives me props, but I disagree. I’m not the hardest working blogger in CT, but I am one of them–all of the passionate, progressive, liberal, Democratic bloggers I’ve met and work with have committed countless unpaid hours to keeping Democrats honest and Republicans where they belong (out of office). We’re building something in Connecticut that is bigger than Ned Lamont, though he’s the cause that brought us together.

2 Responses to “Ned Lamont on Net Neutrality”

  1. Connecticut Bob

    “NED neutrality!”

    Of course he supports Net Neutrality; he’s a believer in Democracy.

    Good job on the vid clip!

  2. Tim

    Hey “internet blogger”

    Thanks for posting about Lamont’s position on Net Neutrailty – as a resident of CT and a netizen I will take that information to the polls with me…

    FYI, the Internet is spelled with a cap I.