New Britain DTC Unanimously Endorses Lamont, DeStefano

…and pledges to support whichever candidate wins the Senatorial and Gubernatorial primary respectively.

What this endorsement means is that DTC resources (headquarters, members, telephone lines, etc.) can be mobilized to help get out the vote in New Britain for Ned Lamont and John DeStefano. I spoke with New Britain DTC Chairman John McNamara and State Representative John Geragosian Thursday afternoon in anticipation of last night’s endorsement.

* Exclusive*
DTC Chair and State Rep Comment on Thursday’s Endorsement

New Britain has been a strong supporter of Ned Lamont, delivering 24 votes for his candidacy at the May 19th convention–more votes for Lamont than from any other town in the state.

New Britain Community News has a report on last night’s endorsement:

“Had Senator Lieberman committed to abide by the results of the Primary I doubt this vote would have happened.”

The endorsements came with a pledge by the Town Committee to support the winners of the August 8th Primary regardless of the outcome. “It’s unfortunate that Senator Lieberman has chosen to divide Democrats by his decision to go independent if he does not win the Primary,” said McNamara.

Want to help Ned Lamont? Visit his revolutionary GOTV utility called Family, Friends and Neighbors to spread the word to all of your Family, Friends and Neighbors in Connecticut.

Want to help John DeStefano? Swing by his website and sign up to receive bumper stickers and lawn signs.

2 Responses to “New Britain DTC Unanimously Endorses Lamont, DeStefano”

  1. Lizzy

    Glad to hear that New Britain DTC has endorsed Ned Lamont and let’s hope that all the Ct. Dem Comm. follow suit.

    Good to see you last night, you have done extraordinary work for Ned.

    On the victory, I hope!

  2. portia

    Kudos for this “net exclusive”, Spazeboy!!

    I have family in New Britsky and Love the DTC for endorsing Ned Lamont!!!

    The BEST people come from New Britain!!

    Keep up the excellent work!!