Q2 Fundraising Reports

The fundraising reports are due to be filed (and subsequently made available to the public) by July 15, which as anyone with a calendar will tell you is this Saturday. Coincidentally, Saturday July 15 is the last day of my summer class.

What does that have to do with anything?

Well, I want to help. A lot of people (particularly Senator Lieberman) will be scrutinizing and publicizing Ned Lamont’s fundraising reports. I haven’t seen them, but I’m confident that there’s nothing in them to hide.

What I am concerned about is that there may not be as much scrutinizing of Senator Lieberman’s reports. Where are his donations coming from? Who is donating to Senator Lieberman that will benefit from his re-election? Oil Companies? Pharamaceutical firms? Republicans?

This being one of the highest profile primary elections of the year (if not the highest profile), I think that it’s reasonable to expect the same fine-tooth-comb scrutiny of Senator Lieberman’s finances and fundraising reports as there will be of Ned Lamont’s.

Given my upcoming free time, I plan to do some scrutinizing of my own.

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  1. Anon

    Spaze, in case you haven’t seen this at Ned’s blog.

    Did Lieberman raise 17.5 million dollars?

    This opensecrets.org tells us all about itLieberman has raised 17.5 million dollars.

    Joe Lieberman (D)*In-State: $3,630,224 (20%)

    Out-of-state: $14,199,065 (80%)

    Other: $50,800

    Edward M. Lamont (D) In-State: $74,675 (47%)

    Out-of-State: $83,734 (53%)

    Other: $250

    Lieberman had rasied 7 million by the end of April. In other words, in just over 2 months, Lieberman raked in 10 million.

    Here is Industry by industry breakdown

    Keep up the outstanding work.