Connecticut Democrats Come Together

As promised about 8 hours ago, a video summary of the unity press conference this morning. Unabridged videos of both John DeStefano and Ned Lamont speaking at today’s presser will also be uploaded and posted tomorrow.

It’s just under 7 minutes and hits all the high points. It’s time for all of us Democrats to begin working together. I can’t speak for every local blogger, but I’m looking forward to being able to catch all my favorite Democrats (Ned Lamont chief among them) at events campaigning together. Collect ’em all!

Senator Lieberman, I just want you and your staff (all of whom adamantly deny reading the blogs) that I take none of the events over the preceding months personally, and you shouldn’t either. Please respect the decision of the voters, and bow out gracefully like a true man of principle and a true Democrat.

You can’t run against the bloggers, though I know you’d like to. It’s for no other reason than that none of us bloggers are actually running for anything. We’re just passionate Democrats communicating via a relatively new medium.

4 Responses to “Connecticut Democrats Come Together”

  1. Ashley

    Lieberman’s coming up on Larry King in a few minutes. Spread it like wildfire!

  2. Lizzy

    Thanks Spazeboy, I hope you got the opporunity to relax today too.

  3. ctblogger

    Poor Nancy Wyman…the media in the room was HARSH to her.

    I’m so jealous that you got the prime spot to shoot video.

  4. TrueBlueCT

    Thanks Beau.

    That was an awesome clip.