Is Senator Lieberman Buying His Way Onto the Ballot?

…and other questions for my outgoing junior Senator.

I mentioned on Primary Night that the Connecticut for Lieberman party was encouraging Democrats to support Ned Lamont because if Joe were to win the Democratic nomination, the party had no back-up candidate for the ballot in November.

Well, the Democrats came through for the Connecticut for Lieberman party.

I have some questions to ask of the Connecticut for Lieberman party’s candidate. I don’t necessarily need to be the one who asks them (it’s unlikely that I would get any answers), so if you’re a journalist, prominent blogger, or concerned citizen with brass balls, please feel free to pose these questions:

  • How did 29 people collect over 18,000 signatures?
  • Were people paid to collect signatures?
  • How much were they paid per signature?
  • Is Senator Lieberman trying to buy a line on the ballot?
  • Is he using money donated by Democrats for his campaign as a Democrat?
  • Were the signature gatherers residents of the great state of Connecticut?
  • Is Senator Lieberman still a Democrat?
  • Is he registered as a voter in the Connecticut for Lieberman party?
  • What is the platform of the Connecticut for Lieberman party?
  • Where can CTBob get a Connecticut for Lieberman button?

9 Responses to “Is Senator Lieberman Buying His Way Onto the Ballot?”

  1. Frank Krasicki

    The question you raise about Lieberman’s party affiliation is very important and this is something Democrats need to be sure is clear in policy.

    Lieberman must become a member of his own party and Democrats should make it clear that should Lieberman win as an independent that he cannot bait and switch his party affiliation to Democrat after losing a Democratic Party Primary for that seat for the duration of that term.

  2. matt

    Slogan: “All for One”

  3. JoeBob

    Lieberman can be registered as a memebr of the Tupperware Party, if that’s what he wants. There is no restriction on belonging to any specific party to run on any specific party line. Cross endorsements are unusual, but perfectly legitimate.

    There used to be rules about running against the Party’s endorsed candidate in a general election. Tom Dodd changed to Unaffiliated the day before the 1970 election to avoid being disqualified from party assignments (if he had won). After the normal waiting period he would have reregistered. I’m sure “Joey Two-Times” (with kudos to Alan Schlesinger, believe it or not!) is slick enough to know this, especially since he worked with Joe Duffy.

  4. Curt Wiberg

    Another question:

    How much did it cost CT taxpayers to throw a statewide election, the results of which, Joe never had any intent of abiding by?

  5. JoeBob

    Curt question sounds great – at first. But the reality is that it cost the state zero, nada, zip. It costs the same to run the primaries with or without the Senate, except the few seconds it takes to tally the counts.

    Though it does make a good talking point: “Senator, if you’re so sure of victory in the general election, why didn’t you save the citizens of Connecticut a lot of money by just declaring 2 months ago and skipping a primary?”

    We don’t have to tell him the right answer.

  6. Joan

    These are great questions. NO way that 29 people collected 18,000 signatures. It looks like his petition drive was as incompetent as his website, as incompetent as his campaign and as incompetent as his Iraq War. (and yes, Lieberman is as much to blame for the Iraq War as Bush & Cheney. He was part of the whole apparatus pushing for it for years before Bush took office.)

  7. Joan

    I just got in a question to Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post on one of their “Live” sessions about this, specifically the 29 people collecting 18,000 signatures and Jonathan’s respnse was: “Good tip. Thanks.”

  8. Bronx Minx

    Spazeboy — This is an absolutely brilliant post, EXCELLENT questions! I’m fwd’ing this to everyone I know. In fact, I think I’m going to call the DSCC on Monday and read these to them.

    It was great meeting you Tuesday night — Dave Benjoya from Bklyn (& of Ned City Rockers) & I (campaign graphics for Ned) came to share our love. I have a crazy pic of you somewhere — will post everything up on my never seen/heard Ned blog, (well, one can’t be good at everything…)

    I’m working on some new Ned campaign buttons (independently) and a cartoon for “Lieberman — Party of One…” with a maitre d’ character. I’ll post that tonight also. Not that you have any spare time, but I could use some feedback on all that. E-mail me if you feel so inclined.

    Anyway, we in the rest of the country want to thank you & everyone in CT who worked so hard for this win. It has re-energized us, and given us hope for November.

    Look fwd to running into you again!


  9. FaulknA

    Here are the answers:
    1..They worked really really hard.
    3..If I told you I’d have to kill you
    5..A lttle less than 10% of it is
    9..It’s all about Joe!
    10.I’m not sure yet but it won’t be a union shop