New at the Ned Lamont Resource Friday

I had a great time at the the Ned Lamont rally last night, featuring John Edwards (and with an appearance by Diane Farrell). CTBlogger has a couple of his pics and a video online, and I’ve got traditional media links below.

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  1. MizQue

    Joe LieberME non-concession speech

    How does an outrageous remark like this go unchallenged in America? Did this remark get lost in the neocon smoke and mirrors shuffle? Yeah, probably because Karl Rove wrote it for him or at least consulted with him on it,and then got Dick Cheney to light off his little spin stink bomb and distract attention away from it. Why is the main stream media not denouncing LieberME’s show of utter disrespect for the voters of ‘his party’ and the Democratic party itself? ….. And why do the leaders of the Democratic party seem to care more about their old political crony and little to nothing about the voters they are supposed to be representing?

    How can anyone hear such a thing spoken in a democracy and not be deeply disturbed by it? Am I still living in America or did I wake up some place else?