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Every day I gather up links to (in my opinion) the BEST news and blog articles featuring Ned Lamont for my other site, the Ned Lamont Resource. Today’s new links are below.

New links in the news:

4 Responses to “New at the Ned Lamont Resource Wednesday”

  1. H.R. Coward

    In all of the coverage of the Lamont-Lieberman contest I have not seen anything about December, 2000. While I appreciate many of Lieberman’s qualities (and have a friend who worked for two years in his office who adores him), I have had little use for him since the contested 2000 election. I can still remember his whiny voice on Sunday talk shows stabbing Al Gore in the back with his demand that they count ALL of the military votes, although many of them did not meet the legal requirements — usually because of the lack of a timely postmark. It was a disservice to the man who picked him as a vice presidential candidate, and all his better qualities will not wash that out of my mind!

    I doubt that this is a useful subject for a primary commercial, but it might be useful if Joe loses to Ned and persists with his perverse determination to run as an independent.

  2. matt

    Wow, two articles about Sharpton’s endorsement that don’t name Lamont in the headline. They figure his name isn’t notable, or what?

  3. spazeboy


    I resist the temptation to edit headlines for inclusion in these round-ups, I really do. It’s hard, esp. on days like today.

  4. MikeCT

    Don’t miss this video of all of Joe’s Republican supporters! (including some of yours, I think)