New Britain Democrats Formally Open Headquarters

Last night, the New Britain Democratic Town Committee held a formal “Grand Opening” event for its headquarters. The office is located at 18 Washington Street in New Britain, immediately next to the Miss Washington Diner.

Outfitted with multiple phonelines and plenty of workspace for eager volunteers, the headquarters is a hoppin’ home-base for get out the vote efforts. Your participation is key, so don’t hesitate to get involved. Contact information for the headquarters and information on upcoming voter identification and GOTV efforts (along with many other volunteer opportunities) is available at the New Britain Democrats’ website.

A who’s who of state Democrats (and a representative from the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, whose name I did not catch) were in attendance:

Don’t miss one other blogger’s report on the event. I met Yowsta from DailyKos last night, and he makes an observation about Lamont’s speech that I failed to pick up on:

[Ned Lamont] spoke more on all the other local candidates than himself, carefully plugging them rather than his own agenda, particularly John DeStefano who is running for Governor. Of him, he said that what made him so interested of DeStefano was his vision, and that this man didn’t just think of Connecticut in the now, but he was amazed that the Govenor-elect thought about our state ten years into the future.

The local newspaper, The New Britain Herald has a report on last night’s opening as well.

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2 Responses to “New Britain Democrats Formally Open Headquarters”

  1. Jon Kantrowitz

    Video not running well – can’t get past Susan B.

  2. tessa

    most people can’t.