News at Noon – WTNH

I couldn’t resist posting this video. On my way to the New Britain DTC to phone-bank and see John DeStefano (who is stopping by this afternoon to thank New Britain for its support) I stopped at home for lunch with the girlfriend and turned on the news.

The WTNH cameras were at Ned’s HQ when I left and I saw on television where I had been only minutes prior. Ned has been on the trail since 5:00am, as he notes in the video, and he didn’t see Erin Cox from WTNH there. His schedule today is fluid, nothing on the public calendar–possibly because Ned is going everywhere he can today.

Joe, on the other hand, is still touring in his bus. He has a lot of stops scheduled, but none of them are publicized so don’t bother. Oh, Joe also has a message for you:

“It’s a wasted vote to send a message. I think you gotta decide who’s gonna be the best Senator for you.”

Yeah, Joe Lieberman said that in response to Mark Davis informing him that they found a Democrat who is going to vote for Ned tomorrow, but plans to vote for Joe in November (as an Independent). Honestly, I think that voter was invented by Mark Davis, because it sounds a little too convenient. No conspiracy theories, just a hunch.

4 Responses to “News at Noon – WTNH”

  1. Donna

    2.5 minutes with Ned–using a portion of it to talk about his SHOES, 4 minutes with Joe. Yeah, that’s fair and balanced reporting.

    Not to mention that Mark Davis created this impression that Ned isn’t campaigning today, when Ned didn’t say anything of the sort–he said he wasn’t publicizing his appearances because the MEDIA COVERAGE was interfering with his ability to connect with voters.


  2. TeddySanFran

    RGJoe: “I waaaaaaaaant the Democratic nomination tomorrow…..”

  3. JoeBob

    I’m always impressed that Mark Davis can speak so clearly with his lips superglued to Joe’s ass.

  4. JoeBob

    Oh, and I really liked the way he tried to subtly give the impression that there were 1,400 people there to meet Joe…