Sen. Edwards Speaks to Spazeboy

I was super excited to meet John Edwards today in New Haven. He’s the first big-name Democrat to come to Connecticut in support of Ned Lamont. I’ll have much more on the rally, and much more video as well (keep your eyes open for CTBlogger’s pictures…the few I saw were amazing!). I just wanted to post this clip of John Edwards answering two questions–one from me about poverty, and one from a reporter about his 2008 intentions.

New Haven Independent’s Paul Bass is first to file a report on the event, which is no surprise–the man is unstoppable!

Anyway…no more video or posting from me tonight. My wonderful and supportive girlfriend is back in town, and I’m spending time with her instead of the blog.

7 Responses to “Sen. Edwards Speaks to Spazeboy”

  1. Jacqrat

    Hey Spazeboy,

    RE: no more blogging tonight.

    Good Boy! You must be a recent graduate of the “”

    Enjoy your evening with your lady.

  2. NCDem

    Great citizen journalist vlog report. Thanks!

    Senator Edwards is spot on when he says, ‘the extraordinary racial and economic segregation we saw in NOLA is not good for our country, it’s not good for our democracy and we could use NOLA to show the country that we don’t have to live that way—that we can integrate both racially and economically that is healthy for our country.’

    (not exact quote)

  3. LindaR

    You’re the best, spazeboy! It’s so great to see an entire answer, not one mined for a soundbite and bookended by commercials!

  4. Connecticut Bob

    Great job, Spazeboy! I’m going to cross-post this on my blog right now.

  5. Neil the Ethical Werewolf

    Thanks for getting that, Spazeboy!

  6. Sue

    New resolution:
    Don’t get in front of a camera without a loss of 15 pounds.

  7. Cowboy

    Oh my god. John Edwards is brilliant! Please lord let him beat Hillary. That was impressive.