The Real, True, Deep Meaning of Ned’s Primary Win

You won’t find that here, at least I don’t think you will. Not if you’re looking for me to write about the implications of Ned’s electoral victory on the national and world stage. I was asked last night what this means for Hillary Clinton, and when I replied that it was really about Connecticut voters making their choice I was told that I was being “on message”.

Well, I’m a Connecticut voter. I’m a Democrat. I’m a Lamont supporter. I’m not qualified to read the tea leaves for Hillary Clinton.

I’m also a local blogger. I’m one of a very few who were present at Lamont’s first “testing the waters” stump speech in Hartford back on January 17. Also present were ATalbot (a great blogger who gave up the keyboard for a job with Ned this summer), dad (the man behind the “Kiss Float”), and BranfordBoy (the legendary local blogger behind MyLeftNutmeg). After hearing Ned Lamont speak that night, I was so energized that I went home and created what would become the Ned Lamont Resource. Truly and actually the first Ned Lamont website on the internet.

A lot has happened since. Two weeks later, I met ctblogger at Ned’s next major public event on January 28. Early on a Saturday morning in New Haven, Ned went to the library and spoke to a room packed with curiously optimistic Democrats. Fast-forward to Ned’s first meeting of volunteers in New Haven on March 4. I believe it was there that I met Larkspur for the very first time…and I wonder where she was last night. Hopefully somewhere in the ballroom, having a really good time. She deserves a lot of credit for getting Ned out to the “quiet corner” very early on in the campaign–February to be sorta exact. I also met TParty from LamontBlog at that volunteer meeting. Fast-forward to Naples Pizza, on April 5. That night goes down in local blogger history.

Sure, before April 5, I had “dabbled” in videoblogging, but that was the night I gave ctblogger a hand and realized how easy it would be to make my own videos. That night I also met most of the prominent posters/commenters from My Left Nutmeg: Sufi. Neal Fink. TrueBlueCT. CTKeith. CTBob. Well, I sorta-kinda met CTBob that night. I was the jerk in the red sweatshirt who stood immediately in front of him for an extended period of time. The pictures from that night were great, and I’m lucky that he doesn’t hate me. In fact, I didn’t even know it was CTBob until he told me so just a few weeks ago. If you’ve seen how big the guy is, you’d have done what I did and apologized profusely and begged for your life–don’t mess with the mastermind behind the “short ride maps“.

Somewhere in between I met other local bloggers like Maura, Jon K, Gabe, and CGG.

The thing that fascinates a lot of people reporters is that us local bloggers have been on the ground following Ned around the state–of our own volition. We haven’t been following Ned because we’re paid to–we’ve been following Ned because we believe in him. The story is the support out there for Ned Lamont, not the fact that I post my thoughts and videos to a blog.

That said, if bloggers were the story, we’d be covering eachother. I’d follow ctblogger to Dunkin Donuts three mornings a week to get a video of him enjoying coffee and a bagel. CTBob would wait patiently at a local diner for me to swing by so he can ask a pointed and completely relevant question while I autograph his copy of my blog.

Furthermore, however, and in conclusion–I’ll still talk to reporters who don’t give me any shit about being “on message” for emphasizing the importance of the voters in Connecticut.

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