UAW Members Endorse Ned Lamont

Today, the UAW endorsed the Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate, Ned Lamont, at a noon-hour press conference at their Region 9A headquarters in Farmington. Before the August 8 Primary, members had met with both Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont and concluded that Lamont was the candidate to support, citing his stance on issues like NAFTA and universal healthcare. Those issues, according to Region 9A director Bob Madore, “are two of the top issues affecting our membership.”

To show that their money is where there mouth is, Madore presented Lamont with one of those giant Publisher’s Clearinghouse style checks for $5,000 and a promise that there was likely to be more where that came from. Lamont, of course, has sworn off PAC contributions and when asked by a reporter if he planned to accept the UAW check, he answered the way I expected him to: “No.”

Hardly skipping a beat, Madore chimed in, “We will give him 5,000 bodies to knock on doors.” (see update below)

I think you’ll enjoy the video…I can’t get enough of Bob Madore! Watch and listen to him go after Joe Lieberman for his selfish run as the “Connecticut for Lieberman” candidate.

Because I didn’t have a mic on everyone in the room, I have adapted questions asked of Lamont and Madore by the press and inserted them into the video as text on a black screen. The exception is the question about PAC contributions, because the reporter was standing immediately to my left.

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Update: Eric posed these questions about PAC contributions to Ned Lamont in the comments for this entry:

Didn’t Ned Lamont accept $5,000 from Hillary Clinton’s PAC?

Does he make an exception for leadership PACs?

I received a reply from the Lamont campaign about what happens to PAC contributions. They are either returned or with the blessing of the donor are forwarded to the Connecticut Democratic Party. I did not ask about the fate of Hillary’s donation specifically.

Update II: BranfordBoy has much more on PACs. It looks like commenter Eric was on to something with the question about leadership PACs, because it turns out that Ned does accept contributions from leadership PACs. Read BranfordBoy’s entire post–I refuse to blockquote because it’s a quick read and I think it’s important that you take the time to do so. Goreaditnow!

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10 Responses to “UAW Members Endorse Ned Lamont”

  1. justinh


    Another awesome capture. When I pick up my next paycheck, I’ll definitely kick into the tip jar.

  2. hartford for lamont

    a superb video!

    I highly recommend it!

    it is such a joy whenever we hear people like Bob Madore not mince words about how selfish joe is –

    will Madore’s comments make it to the local MSM news?

  3. Eric Jaffa

    Didn’t Ned Lamont accept $5,000 from Hillary Clinton’s PAC?

    Does he make an exception for leadership PACs?

  4. spazeboy


    I received a reply from the Lamont campaign, and was informed that PAC contributions are either sent back, or with permission from the donor are forwarded to the Connecticut Democratic Party.

  5. lord vader


    Absolutely fascinating piece of video, and your production/edits turned out extremely well.

    I sure as hell hope you’ll still have time to do this sort of thing once school starts…

  6. Eric Jaffa

    spazeboy –

    Thank you for researching my PAC question.

  7. jkb

    nice job spazeboy!! THANKS!

  8. wings

    Its still not that clear.

    yeah he won’t accept PACs set up by lobbyists.

    But aren’t many of these lobby groups formed with large membership. These membership instead of directly chaneling money to the politician that favors their interests, does the same through the PAC.

    I know PAC from oil companies and big business is bad. But why not from labor unions?

    if move on is making contrib to ned lamont by collecting from a lot of its members, why is any different from labor union PACs?

    if the money from PACs go the state Democratic party coffers, then is it not funding his election campaign indirectly? os is that false?

  9. Radio Left

    UAW Members Endorse Ned Lamont…

    Crooks and Liars

    The regional director of the United Auto Workers union says he’s appalled that Senator Joe Lieberman has qualified to get on the November ballot as an independent. Bob Madore says Lieberman is selfish and is onl…

  10. Gotwolfy

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    why dont you use paypal i already have an account with them