Are You F-ing Kidding Me?

Dan Gerstein, at Joe’s blog today:

Many of the commenters have engaged in direct personal attacks, not just against Joe Lieberman but our staff.

Eric Blankenbaker, at Joe’s blog Tuesday:

Liz is so blinded by her angry partisanship that she can’t tell the difference between big “D” Democratic and small “d” democratic.

If you happen to work for Joe, and write for his blog, it’s OK to direct angry personal attacks at Ned Lamont campaign staff members over typographical errors.

If you happen to be a commenter at Joe’s blog, well…you’ll be held to a higher standard than Dan holds Eric.

2 Responses to “Are You F-ing Kidding Me?”

  1. lakezoarian

    I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile. When I saw joe give his speech in Waterbury Tuseday morning he seemed visibly proud to make the anouncement about his blog debut. I got the feeling that having one was important to him, that this was a task in managing his campaign he could now check off his “to do” list. I think for him personally, it was not a “mousetrap” like we’ve been discussing, but a place he provided for HIS supporters to praise him.

    The past few days must have been a real let-down for him, I almost feel bad for the guy. But then I think about all the damage he has done and my blood begins to boil again…

    OT- here’s the lineup for this weekend in NYC:

    Beau, will you come? Sunday evening at Cooper Union should be really something.

  2. Matt Browner-Hamlin

    Just when I was wondering what the limits of the Lieberman campaign’s hypocrisy were, I see them pushed ever higher.

    Great catch spazeboy.