College Dems Event

The College Democrats invited me to an organizational kickoff event at the University of Hartford today. Not only was my favorite future Senator there to speak, but so were many other prominent state Democrats up for election or re-election on November 7:

Diane Farrell, John DeStefano, and Mary Glassman were there in spirit.

What I saw for the most part were a lot of young Democrats, all of whom came out (on the first day of nice weather we’ve had in awhile) ready to learn what they can do to pitch in and help. As a college student and a Democrat, I was pleased to see this.

As a blogger, I was pleased to see almost all of the candidates in one place–it really makes life easy. Thanks again to the College Democrats for inviting me!

Check out two videos from the event below. The first is Joe Courtney‘s unabridged five minute speech, and the second is Chris Murphy‘s unabridged speech. These are two of the three Democrats challenging incumbent Republicans this year. Democrats only need to win 15 seats from Republicans in order to take control of the House this year, and three of those seats most likely to change hands are right here in CT.

Joe Courtney Addresses College Dems

Make sure you sign up and volunteer with the Joe Courtney campaign, especially if you live in the 2nd CD.

Chris Murphy Addresses College Dems

Make sure you sign up and volunteer with the Chris Murphy campaign, especially if you live in the 5th CD.

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2 Responses to “College Dems Event”

  1. Bob

    Thanks for posting Spazeboy!
    I’m new to this site, but it’s bookmarked now!
    Chris Murphy is in my district, and I keep “vurping” everytime I just think about that Nancy Johnson ad. That is completely and totally discraceful.

    Personally, I appreciate Chris Murphy’s approach in the race, but I’m afraid he will get slammed by the BS ads from Nancy Johnson. Mr. Murphy is likeable, and appears to have a clear vision of how to represent our district. Nancy Johnson, has a likeable appeal when it comes to a couple of individuals (“Vet who lost his medals” and “woman who lost her husband” ads), which is nice and all, but doesn’t really say anything to us as a district… BUT then she comes out with this ridiculous and slanderous ad saying that Chris Murphy will allow terrorism??? Has she no idea of the FISA act? FISA basically allows the government to spy on anyone for 72 hours before a warrant is required! But GWB wants more! He wants no warrants! And Nancy Johnson supports that (and Bush)! Color me crazy, but I prefer a congressman like Murphy who will at least support some of our Constitutional rights, and not allow Executive Priviledges…. I guess that makes me a terrorist sympathiser too now.

    Anyhow, and as much as it pains me to say this, I kinda hope Chris Murphy gets a little nasty against Nancy Johnson. I hate “negative attack ads”, but it seems that it works for the GOP… maybe we should fight fire with fire.

  2. Allen Marko

    Where was John Larson? I know he was in CT because I attended a fundraiser for him in Bristol that morning. It’s bad form not to attend an event like this held in your own district.