Lamont Kicks off Labor Day in New Britain

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Just a couple of short hours ago supporters, volunteers, and at least three elected officials (State Representatives Peter Tercyak, Tim O’Brien, and Deputy Majority Leader Demetrios Giannaros) gathered in solidarity behind Ned Lamont. Lamont was set up across the street from an abandoned Stanley Works building, and told the crowd that “deserted plants are not inevitable, they are the results of bad choices.”

Selected quotes from the event and video:

Deputy Majority Leader Representative Demetrios Giannaros
“People like Ned Lamont, who have the business expertise and economic expertise to go in there into the Senate and challenge what they are doing, and hopefully introduce new economic policies in addition to international affairs policies that will make the U.S. what it was during the Clinton administration. The country that was looked up to, and everyone was proud of, and the world was really looking up to us for direction.”

Attorney Richard Kazinsky of New Britain
“I can tell you that health insurance is a very big issue in my office. I have very high deductible, bare-bones insurance for my staff, and it’s my biggest expense other than salaries. We certainly need universal healthcare and I’m very happy that Ned Lamont is here to talk about that very issue.”

Ned Lamont, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate
“We oughta have a strong labor movement, a union movement, that starts fighting for working people again to make sure that good paying jobs stay in this country and that work pays.”

Ned’s going to be very busy this Labor Day weekend, here are a few of the many events listed on his website:

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  1. Bob Adams

    Great job with the video! The audio quality was superb, and of course the content was excellent. Good work, Beau.