A Question for Joe

A Question for Lieberman
Uploaded by spazeboy

Update: Finally got YouTube working for the video. Uploaded to DailyMotion 2/22/2007

Ten minutes before the debate wrapped up, I left the media room to stand outside the closed (and guarded) doors to the banquet hall that the debate was being held in. I’d been watching on CCTV, and I thought that Senator Lieberman was going to answer questions from reporters afterwards, so I was in position with my camera ready to roll.

The doors were opened, and I stepped inside. Everyone was going the other way, out the doors and to their cars. Senator Lieberman was still on the stage, but I saw him slither out a back door next to the stage. I took an imaginary swig of my imaginary blogger juice and bolted for that door, expecting to catch Senator Lieberman. I figured he must have been lost, because I’ve never seen him go in the opposite direction of news cameras (there were several in the room).

When I made it through the door, I had a choice: left or right. Which way would Senator Lieberman go?

So I went right. And I was wrong.

I head back to the press room on the second floor, and was informed that Senator Lieberman was upstairs.

One flight up, I spot someone “official looking” coming out the door into the stairwell, so I head on through. I make it no further than the doorjamb when to my surprise and delight, I see Senator Lieberman headed my way!

I’m not a professional journalist. I don’t even pretend to be one on this blog. Nevertheless, here’s the question I asked:
“Would you unequivocally caucus with the Democrats?”

To which Joe replied:
“Oh, come on. I’ve said that 1200 times.”

“It’s yes or no, Senator Lieberman”

“Yes. Yes!”

Senator Lieberman and I were both caught off guard here, but that’s no reason to be so pompous and dismissive. He may have answered it 1200 times, but at that point, what difference will it make that I’ve asked him for the 1201st time? Nevermind that I look up the news reports on Lamont and Lieberman every single day, and have yet to see this question asked and answered by Joe Lieberman. He’s never answered it unequivocally.

There are a couple of circumstances that lead me to believe that Senator Lieberman would not unequivocally caucus with the Democrats if elected on his own party line, which is why I asked.

I was tempted to cut Senator Lieberman some slack, because this was minutes after the debate and he was probably still reeling from having his ass handed to him. But he’s a big boy who’s been in the Senate for 18 years and doesn’t need my sympathy. Plus, it was just a short walk to the nearest Joe-Friendly media person. If I lost an election, and then I lost a debate, I’d be pretty unhappy too.

So, Senator Lieberman, excuse the heck out of me for asking you a question, but I can’t promise it won’t happen again.

16 Responses to “A Question for Joe”

  1. Sue

    You are terrific, Spazeboy. And Joe really, truly dislikes you – because you demand accountability!

  2. TRex


    Great timing, great question.

    We’re all so proud of you.

  3. *xyz

    Well done sir.

  4. ctjoe

    To quote anchorman, I’m not sure what we’re yelling about.

    Obviously, no US senator has time to answer repetitive questions from anyone with a video camera. (PS: Spazeboy, do you post video of Joe actually talking to you, or just the video of him walking away?)

    Everyone who has ever observed anything about this race agrees that Lieberman is determined to stay in the Democratic Party, and prove that the party has room for mavericks.

    Actually this determination is what annoys bloggers so much, because for bloggers to be the dominant force in the party leaders like Joe would have to leave.

    This explains Lieberman’s decision to call himself an “independent Democrat” as well as the blogger ire over that term.

    There were better questions you could have asked Lieberman.

  5. Eureka Springs, AR

    WTG Spazeboy, I wonder how many times he made that promise to his Sembler support group. Wouldn’t you have enjoyed saying, you can run but you can’t hide, Senator. : )
    Off to try the youtube again. Good to see you back in action and visiting the lake.

  6. Connecticut Bob

    Today, you are no longer “Spazeboy”…today, you are “SpazeMAN”!!! Woo-hoooo!

  7. bonkers

    Fantastic. Just fantastic. Time to head to your wish list. Thanks for making this such a fun political season even for us DEMOCRATS thousands of miles away.

    ctjoe: Did I miss something? Lieberme lost the DEMOCRATIC primary, right? The DEMOCRATS of CT don’t want him anymore, right? Seems pretty simple to understand.

  8. Earl Scheib

    Nice going Spazeboy. I have been following this race very closely, and this is the first time he has actually answered this question.

    That being said, Joe getting elected would be a disaster for the Democratic Party no matter which party he sides with in the Senate.

  9. moose

    You are THE MAN! So much was revealed in that short, blurry video. That’s the ticket!

  10. Jim

    I’m glad to see you enjoy annoying people. Maybe you could make a career out of it.

  11. Lizard Queen

    Nice work!

  12. lakezoarian

    Way to go! Keep the presssure on him…

    Comment #4 made me chuckle 🙂

  13. dogdad

    You rock! You have really inspired me.

  14. James

    If Mr. Lieberman wins as an Independent, he will have an (I) after his name, like the Independent Senator from Vermont – Jim Jeffords. The senate could end up being 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats, and the 2 Independents. Who will have control of the Senate?

    Mr. Lieberman seems to think, he’s going to waltz back to the Senate and caucus with the Democrats, the Democrats are going to take control, and he’s going to head all of his committees.

    Wake up Joe, and all his supporters. A 49/49/2 senate means, even if he votes for Democratic control, but the other Independent (who was a Republican at one time) votes for Republican control, guess who breaks the tie.

    You guessed it – Vice President Cheney.

    Anyone who wants the Democrats to regain the senate, and is still on the “stickin’ with Joe” bandwagon should wake up.

    Spaceboy, how come no one in the media ever talks about this factor?

  15. ctjoe

    Jim Jeffords is retiring this year. He will probably be replaced by vermont congressman Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats.

    So a 49-49-2 tie would really be 51-49 Democrats.

  16. James Whalen

    That’s awesome dude! Keep sticking it to him and everyone else. You know what would be cool, catching up with Nancy Johnson after an event! Catch her on Medicare, that would be great!