Debate 01

Alan Schlesinger, the Republican candidate.

Ned Lamont, the Democratic candidate.

Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut for Lieberman candidate.

Lieberman is on the money: “The government is broken”

Irony is lost on this man, who doesn’t recall his own role in the breaking of it. He’s part of the problem.

Joe’s a world class dick. No longer a statesman. Though he can bloviate with the best, I think he’s used at least 4 of his alotted 17 minutes.

Ned’s going to fight for Social Security. I bet Joe calls that an attack. Ned’s right, it isn’t negative to talk about the Cheney energy bill. Here’s what I’ve learned, Joe is going to call everything negative.

Here’s my kiss float video:

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  1. Sue

    Nice video! OK, did the rain wash away the blogger’s autographs on the float’s side?