Debate 08 – Tom Monahan Asks Lamont About the Layoffs Ad

Oh, the ad that is totally bullshit.

“Talk about apologies due,” Ned says to Lieberman.

Ned, thankfully with some allotted time in the bank, is addressing that ad’s false charges head on.

Joe seems to think it’s fair to go after someone’s experience, when it’s cited as an asset…but it’s NOT OK to question Senator Lieberman’s experience. The difference being, of course, that Lieberman’s charge is questionable at best.

Now Lieberman is on the attack, talking about how he hates to miss votes.

Joe’s out of time, and he’s still talking. The rules don’t apply to him. He still gets to talk. Now he has to take it…except that his time limit is being half-heartedly enforced.

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