It Hurts My Heart

I’m sad that there is so much hatred in the world, and that some of it is here in Connecticut. I’m from Iowa, and in Sioux City we have a large population of immigrants from Mexico.

Still, I’ve never seen anything like this:

Photo by CTBlogger of Hat City Blog and ConnecticutBlog

That’s not to say that the midwest is free of such hatred–I’ve just never seen it on display, and in this picture it is almost literally on parade.

We’ve got a long way to go, members of the human race–even in Blue CT.

(The picture is from CTBlogger’s report on the storm brewing in Danbury. The mayor there has instructed police to enforce federal immigration laws. The situation in Danbury is being watched closely by anti-immigrant groups all over the country. The reports can be read at Hat City Blog. This post was inspired by the picture included above–all I can say is that I’m just extremely disappointed that anyone could hold a sign advocating death for people who do not speak english.)

3 Responses to “It Hurts My Heart”

  1. James Whalen

    I personally feel that if you are new here you should conduct all your business in English, I don’t mind if in conversation you can’t understand the language spoken by the majority. However, I personally advocate to help those who do not speak English to learn it. I mean, I’m not like those people in Danbury, they won’t even bother to help people adjust to their new society, I just feel that if you want to live here you must know English or someone will help you learn. I lived in germany for a year, I spoke English only with my classmates, when I was in the city (or ‘Stadt’) I spoke only German, which was expected of me considering the language of the country was German. It’s all a matter of respect to the people willing to accomodate you in their land.

  2. bonica_babe

    I look at those faces and I see scary hatred. It’s not about speaking English, – it’s about threatening people with violence and looking for a justification for it, using a fake moral high ground.

    The language a person speaks is not sufficient reason to condone violence, EVER.

  3. spazeboy

    I agree with bonica_babe here.

    Obviously, if everyone spoke a single language life would run more smoothly.

    It’s the violence on his sign and in his eyes that hurts my heart.