Leadership Matters

Has Joe Lieberman put forth any ads riper for imitation? Why is incumbency the only thing he wants to talk about? It seems that of all things, incumbency matters less to voters (on a day-to-day basis) than any other issue. When was the last time someone’s incumbency directly affected you?

How about an incumbent‘s vote for and continued support of a poorly planned, poorly executed, and utterly unnecessary war?

How about an incumbent‘s long record of not putting forth any kind of plan to provide universal healthcare?

How about an incumbent‘s kowtowing to the ruling party, and getting nothing in return for his constituents?

I guess that’s why most of Joe Lieberman’s ads either talk about the distant past, the sub base closure, or have no substance at all (the light bulb, the sunset, the bear cub ad all come to mind).

Incumbency isn’t a good enough reason to vote for someone–that goes for both Joe Lieberman and Jodi Rell.

1 Response to “Leadership Matters”

  1. Bob Adams

    Very nice! The energy efficient flourescent bulb is a nice counter to Joe’s wasteful incandescent philosophy.