The Doctor is In

Howard Dean that is!

Dean spoke on behalf of Connecticut Democrats today at Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill on Allyn St. in Hartford. The crowd was large and lively for the DNC Chairman.

I’d rather just show you the video, than attempt to describe the scene. Below is a video of highlights from Dean’s speech, clocking in at under five minutes. I will post the unabridged video in the extended text of this entry as an update.

These are the candidates present today, and I will have full speeches from Ned Lamont, Chris Murphy and John DeStefano online a little later:

Update: Howard Dean’s unabridged speech is available in the extended text.

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The video below is in QuickTime format and may take awhile to download before you can play it. Once it’s been transcoded to Flash at Blip.TV, I will replace the QT format file with the Flash version. Done!

Howard Dean’s full speech from 10/20/2006

3 Responses to “The Doctor is In”

  1. James Whalen

    I was right there with you man! Dean gave a great speech and I’m sure his presence will help all of Row B. Too bad I left early, I’ll watch this video though.

  2. Blue Wind

    Howard is simply the best. Thanks for the video. Watching it made me feel much better after the depressing (and probably misleading) Quinnipiac poll. Ned can win and I think he will.

  3. deandra

    This was a fine speech from Dr. Dean. What democrats need to do is regain the pre-primary Ned Lamont fervor, disparage the grossly inaccurate Quinnipiac poll, and constantly hammer the fact that Lieberman is being supported by Karl Rove! (See: 10/21 Hartford Courant article.)

    Why doesn’t Bill Clinton come to CT again and this time and put his arm around Lamont?