Voter Registration Deadline 10/24

I find it hard to believe that regular readers of the local political blogs in CT are not registered to vote, but if family, friends and neighbors are not, their registrations must be hand-delivered or post-marked by October 24. Update: The deadline to register in person is 10/31

If you’re not registered, or if you know someone who isn’t, download and print the voter registration form in English or Spanish. Make sure to get yours into a mailbox by last pick-up on Tuesday 10/24. If for a friend or family member, remind them to get it in the mail by last pick-up on Tuesday 10/24.

This is extremely important. Many people (especially those who haven’t taken the time to register or confirm their registration status) don’t give a shit about politics until the last two weeks. They tune out completely, and when they finally pay attention or make a decision to vote they learn that it’s too late to register.

I don’t pay attention to football until the Super Bowl, but remaining blissfully ignorant of the entire season leading up to it doesn’t disqualify me from enjoying the game, attending a party, or rooting for one team over the other. In fact, I can wake up on Super Bowl Sunday and decide to root for the AFC team. Or the NFC team. Or I can make other plans.

Not so with elections. If you don’t sign up to participate at least two weeks in advance, then you’re barred from participating. No “I Voted Today” sticker for you.

So please, make time today and tomorrow to contact your family, friends and neighbors. Confirm that they are registered to vote. If they are not, provide them with a voter registration form. The last thing I want to hear on Nov. 7 is “I want to vote for Lamont, Murphy and DeStefano, but I’m not registered.”

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