Blogger HQ

I’m at the blogger headquarters in Meriden with Kirby, CTBob and RevDeb.

We’ve got two televisions tuned to news stations, and we’ve got over three and a half hours left until the polls close.

And today, before I came down to the headquarters, I stopped by school (Tunxis CC) to check out the transfer college fair. What did I find? Well, for one the transfer fair was over.

For two, the LaDouchebags ambushed my campus with their bigoted literature. There were flyers in every empty and unlocked classroom, on every toilet paper dispenser (sit down, and read their shit), on every windshield, in the stacks of course catalogs.

Also, I wasted some of Colin McEnroe’s time on the air today. I’m nervous and tired, so I’m not very entertaining on the radio.

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