Coming Soon: Bloggers the Movie

Mark your calendars–I heard rumors rumours of a Dec. 13 airdate:

Brook Lapping is developing a documentary series about the ‘blogosphere’ for the Sundance Channel. The team plan to film with numerous bloggers (and some other non-blogging journalists and writers) during the 2006 mid-term election campaign…

This is the text of a letter sent to numerous American bloggers to mark the beginning of a major new Brook Lapping documentary project about American politics:

Brook Lapping has a unique reputation. Over the past decade we have won numerous awards for documentaries about subjects such as Watergate, the Beirut hostage crisis, the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Irish peace process, relations between Israel and its neighbours, Britain and America in 1940 and the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Critics have repeatedly described our films as intelligent, insightful and fair-minded. The Wall Street Journal TV writer recently called us ‘the acme, the Rolls Royce of documentary producers’.

We’d be happy to send you tapes of any of these projects, or of our most recent American film, a much praised docudrama about United Flight 93 called The Flight That Fought Back that aired on the Discovery Channel last year. Phil Craig, who wrote and produced The Flight That Fought Back, is heading up the team making the blogging series.

Our series on blogging will be made in the same tradition of accurate reporting and scrupulous objectivity. The company has, in the past, made a handful of polemical films, from a range of political positions [last year we worked with both Richard Clarke and Richard Perle], but this blogging project is in no sense polemical. Rather it will be an even-handed attempt to explore what we believe to be the most interesting political and journalistic development of the age, and an opportunity to capture on television some of the fun and the vitality of this new medium.

As we tell the story of the 2006 campaign we will find time to ask our contributors to share memories and perspectives on other key moments in recent political history, and on the role that blogs played in them. We also hope to film our bloggers interacting with each other, with members of traditional media and with political figures running for office as they cover the campaign, with plenty of opportunities to debate the importance and impact of blogs and the changing balance of power within and between old and new media.

If you are interested in contacting us about this series please email

I didn’t get a letter (or complimentary copies of any Brook Lapping productions), but I did get involved. These things happen, you know.

Anyway, I’m eager to see just how human a face that the film is able to put on blogging. The only expectation that I hold for it is to crush the myth that bloggers are pimple-faced teenagers.

3 Responses to “Coming Soon: Bloggers the Movie”

  1. Gabe

    I hope someone thinks I am a teenager!

  2. tessa

    Careful, they may replace the teen tag with old-and-in-the-way tags.

    Also, please note that Bob’s photos have been altered. People shown are taller, slimmer, and smarter than they appear.

  3. James

    That it will definitely do.