Thank You

I would be remiss if I didn’t write up a few thank yous. Each is equally important to me, though many are quite brief.

Thank you Ned Lamont. I’m proud to be associated with your campaign as one of the bloggers. As one of the few, the proud, the ones who were there on 1/17 at La Paloma (ATalbot, BranfordBoy, Phil from CCAG are people I first met there), I thank you so much for taking the high road, for standing your ground, and for giving so many of us in Connecticut and the rest of the country a voice.

Thank you Ned’s family. He wouldn’t and couldn’t have run without your support.

Thank you Tom Swan. Thank you Liz Dupont-Diehl. Thank you Eddie Vale. Thank you George Jepsen. Thank you field staff.

Thank you Tim Tagaris. You came here in May and took the local bloggers seriously. Thanks for keeping me going and keeping me informed.

Thank you Charles (T Party) for the unofficial LamontBlog, which I think sets a high standard for candidate blogs.

Thank you BranfordBoy of My Left Nutmeg for My Left Nutmeg.

Thank you CTBob for being the Butthead to my Beavis

Thank you CTBlogger for luring me into the seedy underworld of video blogging.

Thank you Kirby for all the rides…I must owe you a ton for gas money.

Thank you CGG and Gabe from CLP.

Thank you Sufi for cheering me up, and for all of your hard work.

Thank you Maura for busting your ass in the 4th CD, and for being the most motivational blogger I know (how you do both I’ll never figure out).

Thank you Ed and Keith of DumpJoe for gettin’ the ball rolling. Thanks to you guys, Joe Lieberman didn’t have a good time this year, but we all did.

Thank you Neal for the early-on help with the NLR.

Thank you ATalbot, Dad, and Mom for making the best piece of political theater ever: The Kiss Float. I know there were more people involved, and I thank them too. You’re all due much more credit than you’ve received.

Thank you Jon K for driving the float and providing a truck for it.

Thank you New Britain Democrats for delivering the greatest number of votes for Ned Lamont at the convention. Thanks specifically to John Geragosian, Tim O’Brien and Peter Tercyak for being among the elected Democrats to endorse Lamont in the primary.

Thank you Jane Hamsher and T-Rex of FireDogLake.

Thank you John Kerry, John Edwards, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Mary Kaptur for coming to CT and campaigning for Ned Lamont. I’ll remember that you supported our cause in CT when it counted.

Thank you to any deserving person who I may have overlooked. I’m sure there are a great many of them.

9 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Shawn Lang

    Thank YOU Beau for doing such a fabulous job at keeping us informed and bringing so many of us into the world of blogging. YOU helped make a difference in this campaign, which in turn has made a tremendous difference in our state, the nation and the world. It’s what social change is all about. While we didn’t win in the conventional sense, we won in terms of raising the level of discourse and forcing the republicans (including Joe) to talk about the issues instead of dancing the same ‘ol, same ‘ol dance they’ve done for yours. I for one am looking forward to the next election with Ned. Count me in!

    Peace, my friend.

  2. James Whalen

    Me, Eva, and the other dems took back New Britain from Lieberman overwhelmingly because of help from people like you. Thanks man.

  3. Matt Browner-Hamlin

    And thank you so much for helping define what a local blogosphere can look like and how self-published media can be used to hold politicians accountable to the public.

  4. Tim O'Brien

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Of course, I would add the great leadership of New Britain Democratic Town Chair John McNamara. He has, for years, been noting how wrong Joe Lieberman has been, and it was his leadership that won Ned 24 delegates from New Britain at the Convention.

    And, of course, Beau, I thank you for the work you have done pioneering the new media in Connecticut (and New Britain). I am looking forward to working with you as we continue to develop new ways to bring a message of hope, peace, equality and justice to our community and state.

  5. boo

    Thank you guys for letting me participate from afar……….I’m down here in GA with Zell, the redneck joe lieberman……
    Please stay together…….NED lit a fire and if it wasn’t for him winning the primary, they all would have been afraid to get their message out. The Dems owe a debt to NED especially the way they left him twisting in the wind.
    You guys are GREAT and I thoroughly enjoyed each step….only wish MR. Lamont was going to DC.

  6. MikeCT

    Thank you for bringing us so close to “the action” in the field, and for your humor and creativity! You helped make this campaign fun and you’ve educated a lot of people.

  7. boo

    you guys stay on lieberman….don’t let up. hold his feet to the fire for the next 6 years be it LTEs, demands for townhalls, etc.

    take care

  8. Maura

    Thank YOU, Beau, for your amazing writing and your great coverage and your spirit.

    And also for going back to being blond. 🙂

    One other person we all should thank — Russ Feingold. Not only did he send money and email support, he sent an amazing organizer from his Patriot Corps who worked 20 hour days, 7 days a week with us down here in the 4th to help the whole Democratic ticket. She was awesome and the most valuable support any national Democrat offered to us, I think.

  9. Mom

    Spazeboy, you are great! I looked forward to reading what you had to say, and seeing through your lens everyday.

    As for the Kiss Float . . . I perked up a little last night when I realized it just might be needed again—after all, we’re stuck with Joe for six more years, and W for two . . . I’m sensing there will come a time when it will have to ride again!