The Sample Ballot

This is what the ballot looks like at my polling place. This is a photo of the sample:

10 Responses to “The Sample Ballot”

  1. Paul

    Hey People,
    I just voted out here in Los Angeles. Our Dem. candidate for Governor was also at the bottom of the ballot. I think I’m a savvy voter, but still, it was no problem whatsoever to go to the bottom and vote. We’re pulling for Ned, though! Go Ned! Booo Joe!

  2. outofstate

    i love the fact that he could have been in the 5th ballot position, yet instead recieved 7th position under 2 parties that have noone running for either seat in the race. If nothing else, it is worth a good laugh. I think if he wins he will steal the election. I cannot see how he can get enough votes to win with his position being so low. even if it is 5th place. Most people don’t go past the democratic or republican canidates and never even look at the independents. I hope that is the case today. GOOD LUCK!!! GO NED!!!

  3. Matt Browner-Hamlin

    Now, if I remember correctly from the last time I voted in person in CT, the ballot is not that spacious when in the machine. Does it actually have that much space? Is it that easy to read?

    I remember almost accidentally voting for Bush in 2004 because I could barely read the ballot with all the levers overlaid on it.

  4. jason

    I just voted here in CT. It is even worse in real life than the picture shows. Joe’s name is allllllll the way at the bottom well below eye level, obscured by shadows, and you have to actively look for it to see it. GO NED!!!

  5. clb72

    Also not good for Joe that Schlesinger is at the top next to the popular governor.

  6. C.P.

    I haven’t lived in Connecticut for almost twelve years now. Joe Zdonczyk is still around? And in a better ballot position than Lieberman? Ha.

  7. CTMET

    I voted in CT this morning. Joe is going to get about 90% of the 4 foot tall people vote.

    I also stood at the polls for Lamont later in the afternoon. Lots of good enthusiasm for Ned. There were 1-3 other Ned people with me most of the time. There was one Joe guy that left after an hour. Lots of people were giving him a hard time. GO NED

  8. Cugel

    I don’t mean to be unkind, but if all the hopes surround Joe’s place on the ballot and the residual hopes that Schlesinger will somehow get more Republican votes when they already HAVE a Republican Senator on the ballot (Holy Joe), then it will be a long night for Lamont (or a short one followed by a sad speech).

    Frankly, Lamont’s only chance is if his GOTV operation whips Joe’s — which I thought had a chance to happen.

  9. Sid

    Actually, somewhere in the middle would have been worse for Joe. People always skip to the end, that’s why mail marketers put all those p.s. and p.p.s. messages at the bottom of their letters.

  10. Megaman

    The people of Connecticut did come through. Despite their ignorance, and the ballot stacked against Joe, they re-elected Lieberman.

    By a rather large 10% margin.

    I guess the people of Connecticut aren’t as stupid as some assumed.