Blog Wars Teaser

I’m playing right into their hands. I bet James Rogan pitched it like this (to be read with a British accent): “If I make a film about bloggers, it’ll get all sorts of amateur buzz marketing. Think Snakes on a Plane meets Roger & Me.”

You should keep in mind that when interviews for this film were first taped, that Snakes on a Plane had not yet bombed at the box office. Of course, because I have such great taste in movies (for example, I don’t care for Star Wars), I enjoyed the motherfuckin’ snake movie.

But that’s beside the point.

What did the geniuses behind Blog Wars think would happen if they gave an advance copy to a blogger who has been uploading video clips and amateur video to YouTube all year long? Maybe that one such blogger, experiencing a “slow news day” would put together an unauthorized teaser trailer promoting their film:

Tune in to Blog Wars on the Sundance Channel Dec. 28 @ 10pm or Dec. 30 @ 7pm.

Can’t wait? RSVP for CTBob’s December 18th 19th red-carpet screening party.

Here’s the image that I pan across at the end of the video, in case you’d like to read it in more detail:

11 Responses to “Blog Wars Teaser”

  1. Phil

    Hey – thanks so much. Now we can all go back to drinking tea and eating toasted crumpets and leave the PR effort to you.

    Phil Craig
    Brook Lapping Productions

  2. spazeboy

    Don’t do that! I’m a sub-amateur marketer, but a professional jerk.

  3. Phil

    surprised you didn’t choose the bit with you re-enacting your exclusion from the Clinton rally

  4. CGG

    I totally need “I almost shit myself” as part of my CT Bob wav collection.

  5. James Whalen

    Slow news day beau? How about this, ever look at Canadian new lately ( I would take a look, you may laugh at some things, cry at others, or pray for the human existence to cease at some of the items on the news.

    Al-Jazzera is a great source too, and sometimes the BBC 😛 (no offense to that guy at Brook Lapping)


    James Whalen

  6. Connecticut Bob

    Beau, for God’s sake, you’re as blind as Anne Frank! The “Blog Wars” screening is on Tuesday, December *19th*, not the 18th! Jeez!

    But we still have room, so get the word out!

  7. spazeboy

    ConnecticutBob, I may have made a transcription error when promoting the date for your party, but it takes a special kind of douchebag to confuse Anne Frank with Helen Keller.

    Do you feel special? 🙂

    Oh, and I fixed the date.

  8. tessa

    are you sure that the term “douchebag” will look good when the scholarship people investigate your blog?

    incidentally, just who, exactly, is Brook lapping?

  9. TeddySanFran

    spazeboy is a teaser!

  10. Connecticut Bob

    Anne Frank was a “Clerks II” reference…I know you SAW the movie!

    Tessa, “Brook Lapping” is the independent production company that actually produced the documentary.

  11. Connecticut Man1

    surprised you didn’t choose the bit with you re-enacting your exclusion from the Clinton rally

    But he already has used that bit when he exposed the massive fraud committed by the editors and producers in that part of the movie… lol 🙂