A Message From Congressman-Elect Chris Murphy

Wow. A whole lot of people came out to Chris Murphy’s send-off last night. But since I knew that many of Murphy’s online supporters (both inside and outside of Connecticut) couldn’t make it, so I ambushed him with a hardball question:

“Do you have a message for your online supporters who weren’t able to make it tonight?”

This video has his answer.

Congratulations Congressman Murphy!

I’ll have a video of his speech from last night later on this week. BranfordBoy has a bit more, but he just refers you back to me:

I was especially taken by the way he spoke of individual will coalescing into group will and the groundswell of optimism that brought people together to make his victory possible.

Murphy also spoke of his election not so much as a culmination but as the continuation of a movement. He announced that the house parties and friends and neighbors outreach that characterized the campaign will continue as he develops “a new model for how to represent people.”

For a far more complete and, I dare say, more trenchant treatment of the evening’s events, I refer you to Spazeboy who wandered back to the bloggers at the rear of the crowd, his video camera still smoldering, to announce that he had “nailed it.”

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