Moral Kombat: A New Documentary Featuring Holy Joe Lieberman

Ugh. From Igniq:

Interview subjects include Joe Lieberman, Jack Thompson, Gamer Informer Magazine’s Andy McNamara and more.

YouTube has a trailer out on the piece, and it’s getting a fair amount of attention right now. The overall movie is supposed to be a fair look at both sides of the coin, but the trailer does seem a slanted in favor of the anti-game folks.

“We are what we pretend to be,” so we ought to be careful what we pretend to be, proclaims one interview subject.

Joe’s quote from the trailer is “We issued a challenge, to the video game industry. We said ‘we don’t wanna get into this, and have the government regulate video games or force you to adopt a ratings system but if you don’t do it yourself, we will.'”

Violence in the streets of Vice City? No way.
Violence in the streets of Iraq? Cool with Joe Lieberman.

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