More Krayeske: McEnroe talks to Lawlor

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Can’t listen in? You’re in luck because Greenpeas live-blogged it in the comments at My Left Nutmeg:

CM: earlier today press conf including Judiciary chmn Lawlor

ML: We wanted to make it clear it won’t be tolerated; harassing journalists and dissidents not accepted in CT… There will be followup – to her credit governor also asked for more info

CM: Asked for more info, but public questions — how long have state police been maintaining lists based on nothing but nonviolent polit. activiities?

ML: boyle says list state police employees were trawling internet sites; saw kk’s post asking if people wanted to protest outside ball, got his photo & gave information to htfd police. ken’s prev confrontation and old arrests for civil disobedience (Lawlor was once arrested as polit protest) – doesn’t make you a threat. Arrested for photoing gov and locked up 13 hours on 75K bond

CM: who decided bond and why? breach of peace? deliberately held till ball over? State facility ?

MikeCT chimes in with a thorough media round-up, the most interesting tidbit coming from WTNH:

State Police say there is no list, but police do share information. Lawmakers want that information shared with the public and they plan to hold hearings.

Video from yesterday’s presser is likely to surface on the internet later today. Come back.

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