“Who Else Is on the List?”

CTBob has an exclusive video interview with Ken Krayeske:

Ken’s a fellow local blogger, show him some love.

3 Responses to ““Who Else Is on the List?””

  1. Steven G. Erickson

    I remember not too long ago, my writing in newspapers critical of Connecticut State Police resulted in multiple cruisers and police officers following me around, pulling over a woman I was dating to rudely search her and threaten her, my false arrest and imprisonment.

    Ken should fare much better.

    There have been so many that have been likewise abused, we won’t let Ken go down in the business as usual, Corruptikut way, we are watching and people from around the country are now paying attention.

    Connecticut is the best example of possibly the worst state to live in if you are not rich and connected.

    Try putting Steven G. Erickson in a search engine or do a search in YouTube.com

  2. Maura

    oooh ooh! Gotta steal that photo for the link. Awesome.

  3. Connecticut Bob

    I love that psycho font I found…it’s called “Chiller”. I’m gonna use it all the time.

    And thanks, Beau, for the graphic. Sorry about calling you “snot-nosed” on my blog!

    Not really.