CT Post Prints Letter Critical of Ken Dixon

But they didn’t post it online!

Sue over at My Left Nutmeg posts a transcription of Doug Hardy’s letter to the Connecticut Post. Hardy wrote in response to Ken Dixon’s column from last Sunday, wherein Dixon disparaged blogs (calling them “blahgs”) in general and First Amendment warrior Ken Krayeske specifically. Take a look at this excerpt:

Reporters who think Krayeske doesn’t get to be in their club because he has worked as an activist are fooling themselves. They’ve got opinions. I know some who used to contribute cash to political causes while also reporting on politics. Others attend protests and wave signs. Then they pretend none of that happened and go back to work the next day. It’s hypocritical to pretend you don’t have an opinion.

And by the way, columnists and reporters attend the same news conferences, so it doesn’t make a lot of sensed that Dixon lost his “patience” with Krayeske because he had the nerve to ask Rell a question during the event in Windsor. He most certainly did not get “into Rell’s face” at the event, either, based on the description of events from reporters who attended. Those are Dixon’s words, and I think he used his “journalistic license” to embellish the truth a bit.

But it certainly does seem like Krayeske messed up Dixon’s day in Windsor. Instead of being able to write his story based on the pre-scripted topic of Rell’s news conference and her comments he probably had to write a story that mentioned the exchange between Krayeske and the governor, and what it was about – Krayeske’s effort to get the Green Party’s ideas into the public discourse. Those ideas seemed to have terrified Republicans and Democrats alike during the campaign.

For more on this particularly offensive Dixon column, visit Andy Thibault’s Cool Justice Report.

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