That Was Fun

I hope we all learned something from the FIC Blog guest post. I was hoping for someone to come by and comment in agreement with the FIC Blog guest post–perhaps someone will yet.

Even if Peter had included a thousand examples of people like Dawn Stefanowicz, I could come back with ten thousand examples of people with heterosexual parents and equally dysfunctional families. It’s a red herring. The fact is that Dawn’s family was dysfunctional. It’s irrelevant that her father happened to be gay. Dysfunction is dysfunction.

Though my right to marry the person I love isn’t being challenged because the person I love happens to be a woman, I believe in full marriage equality. As such, I fully support the mission of Love Makes a Family.

I gave 24 hours at the top of to the FIC Blog, and so I’m going to give 24 days at the top* to Love Makes a Family. So from now until April 7th there will be a banner at the top of this page that goes directly to the contribution page of the Love Makes a Family site. How much money do you think we can raise for them? Quite a bit I hope.

To wrap up my response to the FIC Blog guest post, I found this video by GayGeekNo1 at YouTube that I think lays out a pretty compelling case for full marriage equality.

*The banner will be up there for 24 days, not this post. I’ll keep the fresh content coming on a daily basis.

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