There’s something very troubling to me about the fact that Joe Lieberman is going on Face the Nation and advocating for military action against Iran. Troubling, but not surprising.

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Last year, in the heat of the senate primary, I was talking to an old friend in Iowa and hastily summarized my disgust with Lieberman in one word: warmonger. My friend thought that my choice of words was particularly strong, which gave me pause. Was I being unfair to Lieberman? As is evident in the video above, from this past Sunday, apparently not.

So I ask a question that has already been answered: Is Joe Lieberman really a warmonger? Sadly, yes:

war·mon·ger noun
: one who urges or attempts to stir up war

I haven’t spoken to my friend about Senator Lieberman since last year, but if the subject comes up, there are other words I can use to describe him. Just for fun, here’s the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for one of them. Let’s see if you can figure out the word:

Function: noun
slang : an unattractive or offensive person

If the shoe fits…

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