Blogosphere Day Message from Ned Lamont

It’s Blogosphere Day, and this year’s beneficiary is ActBlue. Rather than go into explaining the origins of July 19, I’ll refer you to the message that Ned Lamont sent out today:

One year ago today, the national blogosphere came together to support my candidacy for Senate in Connecticut. Through a wave of small online contributions, thousands of people across the country became invested in our underdog primary campaign and helped to push us to an important victory in the Democratic Primary just a few weeks later.

Two years ago today, the blogs rallied around Paul Hackett’s special election campaign for Congress in Ohio. Three years ago today, it was Ginny Schrader’s grassroots campaign in Pennsylvania.

July 19th has come to be known as “Blogosphere Day” – one day every year in the middle of the sleepy summer when the online community rallies to support a grassroots campaign and propel it into national prominence.

Today, the focus is not on supporting any single candidate, but rather on supporting the resource that has played such a crucial part in making all of these non-traditional candidacies possible – ActBlue:

As an entrepreneur, I am always interested in new technologies and fresh approaches to old ways of thinking. Since June 2004, ActBlue has provided just that, allowing small donors to amplify their voices through contributing online and encouraging others to do the same.

With amazing success, ActBlue has grown to become an indispensable resource for new candidates who do not have the advantages of incumbency and institutional fundraising from the traditional powerbrokers, lobbyists, and PACs.

I know from experience that it’s not an easy decision for a challenger without institutional support to take the risk of jumping into a daunting race with both feet.

Our campaign would not have been possible without your support last year. And future underdog campaigns will not be possible without the opportunities for engagement that ActBlue provides.

Let’s come together today to keep a good thing going:

Help to build the type of infrastructure that will benefit new candidates who are willing to challenge the status quo – and to rock the boat.


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