Chris Dodd and Paul Simon in Sioux City, IA

Last night Chris Dodd and Paul Simon stopped in my hometown for a rally/concert at West High School. Good times:

Today’s event in Sioux City was great. Senator Dodd offered a great introduction to who he is and what he cares about, before bringing his friend Paul Simon on stage for a few songs. Simon played “Me and Julio Down by the School Yard,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and a special rendition of “Mrs. Robinson” — changing the lyrics to ask “where have you gone Ted Williams?” (instead of the usual call for Joe DiMaggio). Senator Dodd is a die hard Red Sox fan and though Simon is a huge Yankees fan, he made the change in honor of his friend from Connecticut.

As a life-long Yankees fan myself, I have to say I’m impressed by Paul Simon’s selfless desire to show his deep friendship for Senator Dodd. Trust me, it doesn’t come easy for a real Yankees fan like Paul to do much of anything for Red Sox fans.

It’s probably because I’m not a “sports person” to begin with, but I don’t remember anyone in Iowa giving a crap about the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, but I hope it played well.

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