New Britain Democrats Endorse (And Other New Britain News)

It turns out that every single candidate whose video I posted over the last six days was endorsed by the New Britain DTC at last Tuesday’s meeting. Chairman John McNamara has the details:

A five-member nominating committee issued a report with recommendations, information about all candidates and a 3-page party platform that identified key issues and noted the accomplishments of Democratic elected officials over the last two years. Committee members included Connie Wilson Collins, Carlo Carlozzi, Jon Bryda, Rosemary Klotz and Peter Spano.

Leading off the meeting Councillor At Large Jim Wyskiewicz won unanimous support for Mayor three and a half months after announcing his candidacy. He was nominated by his wife, Patty, who is a DTC member in District 1. Seconding speeches came from Connie Wilson Collins, Frank Gerratana and John Melescensky.

“This City is ready for a leader who stands for fiscal responsibility, a school system filled with opportunity, cleaner and safer neighborhoods, sustained economic development, and a “green” City Hall, ” Wyskiewicz said in accepting the endorsement. “This City is ready for a leader who stands for honesty, integrity, for high ethical standards who will restore decency and respect at City Hall.”

The New Britain Herald also reported on the endorsement meeting, though what’s even more interesting than the report is the hearty endorsement of Wyskiewicz’ candidacy from a commenter on the article:

Jay was always a leader putting other’s needs before his own beginning as early as the president of his class at Goodwin Tech. As Department Head of the PNEP program there , I was aware of Jay’s leadership performance and was privy to comments by teachers about Jay’s qualities. As a personal friend, having lived in New Britain for many years before retirement, I am aware of his persuasive, energetic personality and his innate desire to move the city of New Britain back to the prominence it deserves. I endorse Jim wholeheartedly.
Marjorie Spitzel, RN, MS, Jupiter, Fl.3347

And in another New Britain Herald report, it looks like someone who didn’t get an endorsement has jumped ship. Eva Magnuszewski was endorsed over Tom Talalaj, upsetting his apple cart:

Hell hath no fury like a Talalaj scorned – because when he learned the political newcomer had bumped him off the slate, as well as turned him down for a date, he packed it in as a Democrat and went down to City Hall to register as a Republican.
Talalaj spoke briefly with Stewart on Wednesday to pledge his support:
“Give ’em hell,” he told the mayor.
Talalaj said he would still like to go out with Magnuszewski, but would not vote for her.

Seriously, what a creep. I was at the candidates night. It was a relatively informal atmosphere, and Eva’s opening remark about being “37 and single” was not out of place or inappropriate. In my opinion, it was also not an invitation to ask her out. That Talalaj took it as such (even as a joke) suggests to me that he’s a clueless male chauvinist.

The New Britain Herald is no better for making hay out of it. The real story is that Talalaj was a registered Democrat who openly donated to and supported the incumbent Republican mayor and was then shocked (shocked!) that Democrats rejected him and scuttled down to the registrar’s office to change his party affiliation.

Given that track record of commitment, it’s no wonder Talalaj is available.

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