Honk for Peace Review

l-r: Ned Lamont, Mr. Corey Boutilier, and Alan Schlesinger on the red carpet

Last night I had the privilege to attend the *sold out* world premiere of Mr. Corey Boutilier’s film, Honk for Peace at the Bow Tie Cinema in Greenwich, CT. Honk for Peace is a selection of the Connecticut Film Festival.

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I really enjoyed the film, because it provided a different perspective on last year’s Senate race. Unlike Blog Wars, there were no bloggers in Honk for Peace (though Hollywood Bob contributed some footage and insight toward the film’s creation). Corey managed to get some really great footage, the best of which comes from those unguarded/unscripted campaign moments he captured in all three camps. I won’t divulge the details here, because you really should go see the film.

It starts with a small protest against the war in Times Square from the night that the bombs started falling on Baghdad. In a city with millions of people who favor peace, fewer than 20 showed up that night. Embarrassingly, the majority of them were not Americans. A British fellow was there, encouraging passersby to “honk for peace,” but it was an American (who, at last night’s premiere, I urged to take credit for everything, even if I forgot his name) who made a “honk for peace” cardboard sign to hold up. After exploring the early anti-war movement, the Dixie Chicks, and the Dean campaign the film dives head first into the Senate race.

This is where Connecticut political junkies can start to get really excited. Interviews with Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman weave throughout the film. We get a couple of perspectives on Ned’s campaign stop at the senior center across from one of Joe’s campaign offices. Let’s just say that the camera doesn’t lie, but I bet you can guess who does. There is also an interview with WTNH reporter Mark Davis, who is tied with Lieberman (at the hip?) for biggest jerk in the film. You may recall Davis’s highly theatrical question for Ned Lamont at the New London debate where he breaks out a stack of campaign literature and begins dropping it piece by piece on the table while challenging Ned to prove what percentage of the mailings are true — well, it seems that Mr. Davis sees that as a golden opportunity he was handing to Ned.

Of course, there’s plenty more, but this is where my recollection begins to break down. If you followed the CT-Sen race last year at all, you’ll want to see this film. If you’re against the war, you’ll want to see this film. If you used to be for the war, you have to see this film and cringe at your gung-ho rhetoric from March and April 2003.

If you like happy endings though, you’ll be disappointed — we’re still in Iraq. Here’s hoping that by the time this gets released on retail DVD, Mr. Corey Boutilier will have to add a new ending.

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2 Responses to “Honk for Peace Review”

  1. Connecticut Bob

    LOL! Good one, bro!

    “It’s funny ’cause it’s true!”
    – Homer Simpson

  2. David A Stevenson

    I was one member of the packed house at the world premiere of “Honk for Peace”.

    I also was a volunteer for Ned Lamont during his sometimes exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, always amazing 2006 Senate campaign.

    The documentary was entirely forthright and honest in its approach to the campaign – meaning that I did not like all of what was included and how it was framed, the few Lieberman supporters at the presentation did not like all of what was included and how it was framed, and the few Schlesinger supporters did not like all of what was included and how it was framed. What we all did agree on was that the film was fact-based.

    Thank you Corey Boutelier and everyone else involved in this marvelous film. Anytime you are interested in covering my 2008 campaign for Connecticut’s 107 th State Assembly District ( Brookfield and the northern third of Bethel ) – let me know.