Lamont Endorses Obama

In a message cross-posted on his site, DailyKos, and MyLeftNutmeg, Ned Lamont endorsed Barack Obama for President:

Today, with our Presidential primary in Connecticut less than a month away, I am announcing my support of Barack Obama for President because I am convinced that his forward-looking, progressive vision provides the best chance to enact meaningful reforms in the way Washington works.

Sen. Obama has the tone and temperament to bring out the best in our people and our nation, and to bring new coalitions together in support of the progressive policies we all want to see enacted. His campaign has already reflected this, not only by bringing hundreds of thousands of new voters of all ages to the polls, but by inspiring so many who are new to politics to become activists as well.

As someone who is disappointed (but not really surprised) that Chris Dodd is out of the race, I’ve been rooting for both John Edwards and Barack Obama pretty much equally.

As an admirer and supporter of Ned Lamont, his endorsement matters to me quite a lot. I’m pleased to see that he is leveraging it where it will matter most: online and in the CT progressive community. John Kerry also endorsed Obama yesterday, and while that endorsement played nationwide, I think that Lamont’s endorsement bolsters Obama with bloggers and other liberal netizens in a way that John Kerry’s endorsement never could. Pushing both endorsements out on the same day was pretty savvy, in my opinion.

Still, I am pulling for both John Edwards and Barack Obama at this point, but I’d be lying if I said that Ned’s assessment and endorsement of Obama has no bearing on my ultimate decision of who to pull the lever fill in the oval for on February 5th.

So I guess endorsements do matter, but only if you trust the person who is making the endorsement. For example, Kerry’s endorsement didn’t do much for me, but it probably helps a lot of Kerry admirers make their decision.

There’s a rally in New Haven for Barack Obama supporters (Obama will not be there) tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

1 Response to “Lamont Endorses Obama”

  1. James Whalen

    I’m glad Lamont is supporting another forward thinker for the democratic nomination and as disappointed as I am in the Dodd campaign coming to a close I will supporting Edwards again. I think Edwards has as much ideal policies as the other candidates but coming from a guy who has fought in courtrooms for people who are otherwise disenfranchised I think he connects with people much better. Let’s see what happens!