Full Disclosure: I Proudly Work for CCAG

Update [2010-05-14]: As of May 14, 2010, I am no longer the online organizer for CCAG.

I am pleased to announce that I took a job as Online Organizer with Connecticut Citizen Action Group. I have been hired to bolster the organization’s online presence and outreach.

As such, blogging here will probably slow down a bit more. Expect to see more posts on subjects that I won’t be writing about for CCAG, like How-To Videoblog. Of course, regardless of the topic, the blogging that I do here will not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of my employer.

The bottom line is that this blog is my personal website, and any statements or posts made to it are my own. Any preferences expressed for candidates (past, present or future) are my preferences and should not be attributed to CCAG. Any candidate advocacy expressed here will be done on my own time and without using any CCAG resources.

4 Responses to “Full Disclosure: I Proudly Work for CCAG”

  1. jon pelto

    It’s okay, I’ll still be an avid reader, big fan and won’t hold it against you!

  2. Maura

    CCAG is lucky to have you on the team, Spazeboy! Congrats.

  3. Mary

    This seems like a good combination (you and CCAG). Good luck!

  4. Patrice

    Hey! Congratulations on the hire by CCAG. Can’t say I’m surprised. Someday I’ll be going to my local middle school and voting for you. Of course, the voting machine may be rigged and I’ll instead be casting my vote for some conservative, anti-regulation, let the freemarket have its way type, but them’s the breaks! Check out my new blog. http://www.candycigarettes-patrice@blogspot.com I just put it up a few days ago. It’s not that impressive, but it’s a start.