2006 called. It wants its failed strategies back.

A lot of great things from 2006 are making a comeback in 2010. Ned Lamont is running. Dan Malloy is running too. I’m even blogging semi-regularly again.

But it’s not all good. Joe Lieberman’s failed strategies are making a comeback as well.

You see, in 2006 Joe Lieberman’s strategist was Roy Occhiogrosso. Roy drove the message of the Lieberman campaign all the way to defeat in the hotly contested Democratic primary. His two key strategies were…

  1. To accuse Ned Lamont of trying to buy the election:

    “Ned Lamont has decided that his only chance of defeating me is to try to buy this election with millions of dollars in negative ads full of distortions and deceits about me,” Lieberman said at a news conference. “A lot of it is going to be nonsense and lies, so beware.”

  2. To obsess over Ned Lamont’s wealth:

    Facing his first serious challenge in 18 years as a senator, Mr. Lieberman has sought to brand Mr. Lamont as a wealthy dilettante who is trying to buy his way into office, and who is out of touch with ordinary Americans. One of Mr. Lieberman’s first advertisements began: “Meet Ned Lamont. He’s a Greenwich millionaire.”

Occhiogrosso is now working for Malloy, and he’s using the same strategies against Lamont in 2010 that didn’t work in the 2006 primary. Take a look:

  1. Accuse Ned Lamont of trying to buy the election? Check.

    “Ned’s strategy is clear: he’s trying to buy the Convention with TV ads. Dan’s trying to win the Convention the old-fashioned way: talking with delegates about his values and his experience. In the end, all the ads in the world can’t hide the difference in this race: Dan Malloy has the values and experience that money can’t buy.” [Dan Malloy for Governor Press Release – 4/8/2010]

  2. Obsess over Ned Lamont’s wealth? Check.

    “Ned seems to think his millions of dollars and his background as a cable executive are why Democrats should choose him over me.” – Dan Malloy

These strategies didn’t work in 2006, and they won’t work in 2010. Democrats have their best chance in decades to win the Governor’s office, and we can’t do it if our candidates are doing Chris Healy’s job for him. What we need is a campaign about ideas, not a bloody primary.

In the past week or so, Lamont released a plan to create jobs, and Malloy has started an online ad campaign to talk about his life and experience.

This is the kind of thing I’d like to see more of, but instead, we’re getting a replay of 2006.

Today Lamont announced the start of a television ad campaign, and the Malloy campaign responded by having staffer Matt Gianquinto send an under-the-radar e-mail to supporters using the ol’ Lieberman ’06 strategies that Occhiogrosso sold ’em. An excerpt:

Hey Team,


I heard a supporter once say they are supporting Dan because he has the values and experience that money can’t buy.


We have the best candidate, the best team, and the best supporters. Ned can buy a lot of ads, but no amount of money can buy the candidate, the team, and the supporters that we have.


PS – Feel free to forward this message as a heads up to any of our supporters, donors, and friends.

The only good reason to keep using Lieberman’s old strategies for the primary is if you plan to use his post-primary-loss strategy of forming a vanity party. Dan Malloy is not Joe Lieberman, and we will not see a Connecticut for Malloy Party forming this summer. But by using Lieberman’s failed strategies, Malloy is very likely to meet the same fate in the primary.

4 Responses to “2006 called. It wants its failed strategies back.”

  1. CT Bob

    Bravo, Beau, bravo!

    Personally, I’m kind of glad that Occhiogrosso’s despicable nose is poking itself back into the political scene, if it gets you back to blogging regularly!

  2. Connecticut Man1

    It’s alive! The Blog is alive!

  3. Justin

    This is a very informative and excellent post. These strategists on both teams need to get out of the way so the candidates can really show who they are.

    I think Dan IS the more qualified candidate and I think he WILL do a better job as Governor, but this is not the way he should be going about it.

    I want to hear policy.

    Welcome back to blogging!

  4. spazeboy

    Thanks Justin, it’s good to be back.