New Candidate in Lt. Governor’s Race: Michael Jarjura

Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura has entered (or plans to enter) the Lt. Governor’s race. On the Democratic side.

Here is a short list of what I believe are self-evident reasons why I think it is a bad idea for any Democrat to support for Jarjura:

I have said many times on this blog that Democrats are fortunate to have a great bunch of candidates running for Governor this year. I would be delighted to support whichever one wins the primary. However, the surest way to lose my support is to run with Michael Jarjura in the primary. I can’t trust the judgment of anyone who would choose to run with someone who is anti-choice, opposed to marriage equality, and so willing to hire Mr. Corrupticut himself, John Rowland.

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  1. Wtby Guy

    Spazeboy and fellow Dems,

    I wanted it out there that there was one delegate in the Waterbury delegation that did NOT vote for the pretend Democrat Jarjura. Will Phelan was the sole vote for Kevin Lembo. It is laughable that some of the ‘progressive’ Waterbury delegates would vote for an anti-choice, anti-civil rights, pro-Rowland DINO.