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Dodd Opens the Door for Joe

Connecticut Bob posted something disturbing today (in addition to the creepy Bill O’Reilly audio clips that are making the rounds ::shudder::) about how Senator Chris Dodd intends to be the one who opens the door to let Sen. Joe Lieberman back into the metaphorical family home of the Democractic Party. Bob writes:

Joe Lieberman has been, for all intents and purposes, forgiven by Chris Dodd and the Senate leadership for his little foray over to the dark side in 2007-08.

Of course, Lieberman wants to have it both ways, and he continues to call himself an “Independent Democrat”. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a party designation or simply an expression of what a wild and unpredictable “free-thinker” Lieberman fancies himself to be.

Using his video expertise, Bob put together footage from Sen. Dodd’s appearance on Face the State with tape of Joe Lieberman stumping for McCain:

Below is how I imagine things went on the day that Joe Lieberman decided that he wanted to rejoin the Democratic Party:


Sen. Chris Dodd: Who’s there?

Sen. Joe Lieberman: Why, it’s Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman. I plan to endorse you in 2010, won’t you let me in?

Sen. Chris Dodd: Sure!

What I have trouble illustrating with words above is that it seems that Senator Dodd could not open the door fast enough.

Senator Dodd has many redeeming qualities–and I am a big fan of his work–but his soft-spot for Joe Lieberman goes a long way toward overshadowing all of them.