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Lamont 2010: Points To Ponder

As a follow-up to my last post about Ned Lamont considering a run for Governor in 2010, I want to call attention to a new post by Genghis Conn at CT Local Politics, in which he puts forth several reasons why a Lamont candidacy in the 2010 governor’s race would make sense:

There is no real liberal candidate in the race. The Democratic Party’s progressive wing doesn’t have a candidate yet. Lamont, if he did jump in, would instantly have a core group of dedicated, enthusiastic supporters to promote his candidacy. None of the other announced candidates have this.

I added the emphasis there.

I think that Genghis is spot on — the field is not particularly exciting to progressive liberals who want to challenge Governor Rell. Considering the path that she’s taking the state down (by giving the finger to education, for one example), I think that the best challenger to Rell would be someone who stands in stark contrast to her. Ned Lamont may be that person, and if nothing else he proved in 2006 that himself willing to step up to a challenge, unlike some folks we know…

Check out the rest of Genghis’ post over at CTLP.